Pneumatic shock absorbers

Every EV4 vehicle is equipped with pneumatic shock absorbers from the Swiss manufacturer DT Swiss which guarantee superior quality, perfect damping and a wide range of configuration. The adjustment of the spring tension is done via bike pump and serves the purpose of matching the suspension with the riders weight. Rebound can be adjusted on the fly with the regulator-wheel.

Independent suspension

This system is based on aviation technology and it allows for the vehicle to be suspended on longitudinal arms. It gives the arms a much higher swing than in traditional suspension. EV4 always stays vertical and adjusts itself to the shape of the surface. Additionally when you lean in corners the wheelbase widens giving you more stability. Riding EV4 is pure pleasure.

Hydraulic disc breaks

All our vehicles are equipped with hydraulic disc breaks from the Japanese manufacturer Shimano. Applied to all wheels they guarantee maximal efficiency, short breaking distance and a reduced risk of wheel lock occurrence which significantly increases safety. They do not require periodic adjustments.

Efficient power supply

We utilize lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) cells only from renowned suppliers such as Samsung and Panasonic. Thanks to this the vehicles are light and long range. We can however adjust the range to customer needs.


The power of the electric motors and the transmission was matched to give EV4 significant amount of power at a decent range. In our quads we used classic belt transmission. Bikes on the other hand are supplied with cased engine with gears and a freewheel. We can adjust power/speed to customer needs.


To manufacture EV4 we use materials mainly used in aviation technology. Aviation grade rivets and aluminium make the frame durable yet lightweight. We also use bolts with higher than normal durability and stainless steel.

Onboard computer

We supply each vehicle with an onboard computer which constantly monitors speed, distance travelled, power to the motors, estimated power supply and more.

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